Disposable/industrial pallets purchasing centre

Do you want to sell your used industrial pallets and clear out your storage space? We will buy pallets that linger in your warehouse and make them reusable. We pay a fair market price, and additionally you do not have to worry about whether the pallets are sorted. Thanks to our modern fleet of vehicles, we can collect pallets from anywhere in Poland and Europe. We buy pallets both with and without defects – the ones that have splits or cracks. 

The minimum number of industrial pallets you can sell us is 200. The maximum number is tens of thousands.

Why sell us industrial pallets?

We pay a fair price

You earn and clear storage space at the same time.

We provide transport

We will collect your industrial pallets from anywhere in Europe with our own transport.

Taking care for the environment

Industrial pallets will be reused — we will repair or recycle them.


20 years of experience in the pallet market.

We have recommendations from 3 global concerns of well-known product brands.

For pallets licensed by certification bodies, we present EPAL, UIC, IPPC (ISPM 15) certificates.

More than 100,000 pallets sold per month for 4 industries: food, pharmaceutical, chemical and automotive.

We verify compliance and test pallet deliveries according to the Pallet Assesment Card – ECR (Efficient Consumer Response) and standards: PN-EN ISO 8611-1, PN-89/M-78201, EN 13698-1:2003 (CEN - European Committee for Standardisation) whose equivalent standard is PN-EN 13698-1:2005, PN-EN ISO 181613, UIC 435-2:2005.

    Area of operation

    The area of our
    operation includes

    the whole world

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    (minimum order quantity is 200 pieces)
    (minimum purchase quantity is 100 pieces - for companies only)