Used EPAL/EUR/UIC Euro-pallets type 2

Used EPAL/UIC/EUR Euro-pallet type 2

Used pallets type 2 with a size of 1,200 × 800 × 144 mm. The cheapest option of all used Euro-pallets. By being treated according to the ISPM-15 standard, they are properly decontaminated, dry and clean. These pallets are darker in colour and have no technical defects. They meet the criteria set out in the ECR Pallet Assessment Card. They can be used to safely transport products and store them in low, medium and high bay warehouses.

We carefully inspect each of our EPAL/UIC/EUR Euro-pallets. Appropriate markings confirm that the pallets are original and meet quality requirements.

Why choose the used Euro-pallets type 2?

You reduce costs

Used Euro-pallets are the cheapest solution, yet they have the same load capacity and protect the goods in the same way as new Euro-pallets.

Guarantee of genuineness

All the used Euro-pallets we sell are original and meet the technical requirements of the EPAL/UIC/EUR standards.

Taking care for the environment

By using used EPAL/UIC/EUR Euro-pallets, you are making a positive impact on the environment, which is an important value for your customers.
1200 × 800 × 144
Load capacity
1500 kg
25 kg
Heat treatment
EN-1369801/UIC Code 435
Industrial Property Law
Solid wood or sawdust wood (optional)
Worldwide transport possible
Intended use
  • transport
  • storage in low, medium and high bay warehouses

20 years of experience in the pallet market.

We have recommendations from 3 global concerns of well-known product brands.

For pallets licensed by certification bodies, we present EPAL, UIC, IPPC (ISPM 15) certificates.

More than 100,000 pallets sold per month for 4 industries: food, pharmaceutical, chemical and automotive.

We verify compliance and test pallet deliveries according to the Pallet Assesment Card – ECR (Efficient Consumer Response) and standards: PN-EN ISO 8611-1, PN-89/M-78201, EN 13698-1:2003 (CEN - European Committee for Standardisation) whose equivalent standard is PN-EN 13698-1:2005, PN-EN ISO 181613, UIC 435-2:2005.

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